Greater Midland Race Prep helps couple achieve health goals

Leah and Tom Sandford are ready to race in the May 19 Dow RunWalk.

Leah and Tom Sandford are ready to race in the May 19 Dow RunWalk.

After Midland’s Tom Sandford underwent open-heart surgery in December to replace an aortic valve and stem, he and his wife, Leah, were ready to take charge of their health.

To better prepare themselves to walk in the May 19 Dow RunWalk, the couple signed up for the Greater Midland Race Prep Series.

“We signed up for the race prep to familiarize ourselves with how to get ready, to be able to have weekly goals, and to have the ability to build strength and endurance prior to the 5K. The most beneficial part for us has been our ability to spend time together in a way that has also benefited our health,” Leah said.

The couple’s goal is to complete the 5K in under one hour and, through the Greater Midland Race Prep Series, they believe they’ve found the strength to do that.

“We have enjoyed the coaching and encouragement we’ve received from those involved in running the classes. We are looking forward to accomplishing our goal that we set during a very challenging time and to be able to do more 5K walks,” Leah said.

Good luck, Tom and Leah! We know you can hit your goal! We’ll check in with you after the race.

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