Dow RunWalk: A family tradition for the the Bergs


The Berg family has made the Dow RunWalk a spring family tradition for 10 years -- and they have no plans on stopping anytime soon.

“For our family, it’s a day that is highlighted on our calendar. If our kids have soccer games or other activities that coincide with the RunWalk race times, they miss those other events to partake in race day. We make it a family event that we all participate in,” said Katrina Berg.

From the Tot Trot to the half marathon, Katrina, her husband, Dr. Paul Berg, and their four children, Daniel (13), Lucas (11), Matthew (9), Kaitlyn (7), have taken part in every component of the Dow RunWalk, which will be held Saturday, May 19.

“By far, our favorite right now is the 5K Run. Three of our four children can run this race on their own and want to do better in it each year,” Katrina said.

Kaitlyn and Daniel Berg showing off their hardware.

Kaitlyn and Daniel Berg showing off their hardware.


Katrina’s mother, who ran the 5K multiple times, died three years ago. Since then, the family makes it a point to keep her in their thoughts on race day.

“We make sure to remind ourselves that we are running the race in her memory,” Katrina said. “Having our kids get excited for race day and this great event is everything. They get up in the morning ready to run their races and never hold back. It is a great family day we cherish.”

The Dow RunWalk also helps Katrina and Paul instill the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Paul Berg finishing the race with two of his sons.

Dr. Paul Berg finishing the race with two of his sons.

“We want our kids to understand that staying healthy and active is a lifelong goal and can be done in many different ways,” Kratrina said.

There are lots of activities for your family, too! Come out Saturday to the Greater Midland Community Center!

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