What Are You Made Of?!

The InBody 570

By: Adam Salgat, Senior Marketing Manager

“I loved seeing all the detail from the InBody 570 and seeing my progression throughout the challenge.” – Tara Jones
“I really liked the InBody 570 because it gave me incite in the parts of my body that I needed to work on. I may have already known but now it’s in black and white.” –Erick Forshee
“I LOVE the InBody because it gives you a "look" at what is going on "inside" your body. It takes the vanity out of the losing weight experience and educates you on what your body really does and how it operates. I started to become more data driven towards gaining muscle versus just being addicted to the numbers on the scale that just measures weight/fat.” –Krina Young
“For me, the scale would never change much so seeing the data that I was increasing muscle and dropping fat made me feel like all the workouts were worth it.” – Dawn Goslin

The InBody 570 delivers an incredibly accurate and in-depth analysis of what’s happening inside your body. Here’s the breakdown:


A traditional scale only reveals your weight. But what is that number made of? The InBody breaks it down into total body water, lean body mass and body fat mass. This deeper understanding encourages you to continue exercising even if your weight stays the same.


Stacking your weight, muscle mass and body fat mass upon each other creates a visual that’s easy to understand. Where will you be at your next check in?


The ratio of body fat to weight. Don’t be afraid. You can change it!


Measuring your muscle mass in both arms, both legs and trunk allows you to target areas of weakness and create a balanced life.


The calculated amount of fat surrounding internal organs in the abdomen. Maintaining too much fat may lead to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney and heart failure.

So what are you made of? Start tracking your way to additional energy and successful change!

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