Family Time is Sweatin' Time!

By: Adam J. Salgat, Senior Marketing Manager

There are many different reasons we workout. Run a fast 5K, have bigger or trimmer arms or to earn that extra treat from the dessert table. But one of the biggest relatable reasons is family!

As a single person we may push ourselves so we can enjoy volleyball at a family reunion. We want to be better and quicker to show the older cousins we’ve grown up and can handle ourselves now. That’s when family can get the competitive juices flowing.

Once we become a parent, we’d give up anything to make sure our young ones are happy, safe and healthy. Sometimes, we’ll give up too much and lose focus on our own health however. If we want to be there for our children for as long as we possibly can, this can be a counterproductive.

So what can we do?

The answer is rather simple. Family time is sweatin’ time!

We recently reached out to our Infinity Fitness Challenge participants on Facebook and asked them what physical activaties they enjoy doing as a family and why it is important to them. Here’s what they had to say:

“My family loves being outside no matter what season it might be. We ride bikes, hike through the woods, cut wood, rake leaves, play sports, camp, swim, kayak, and we build things. I think it’s so important to be outdoors not only having fun but we also work together as a family to accomplish a goal. My kids know that it’s important to be active and make healthy choices for our bodies. I know that starting at a very young age will help them lead a healthier lifestyle as they grow into adults.” –Sara Swift
“Biking and kayaking are two of our favorites. Why? Because they are fun and all levels of experience can join in. It's more than just physical activity, it's about being together as a family. Beyond these two activities, we enjoy being out-of-doors! And being together as a family.” –Shelly Bartosek
“We walk, run, bike ride, swim and climb the rock wall. We like doing them because they are fun and we can do them together. We find them important because we want to spend time together as a family and build good habits for our kids so they continue those habits in the future. I hope to teach my kids that physical fitness can be fun and doesn't just mean going to the gym every day.” –Tara Jones
“This challenge has been a great adventure with my daughter Laura who is mentally impaired. She is motivated to make a lifestyle change when she can be competitive in a weight loss challenge. This has changed her way of grocery shopping and making better food choices when she is home alone or out to eat with her friends. She is also motivated to go to the wide variety of workout classes at the Community Center and is feeling rewarded when she is seeing results on the scale.” – Deb Lamberton

Thank you ladies for sharing!

As the weather gets colder and you need some indoor activities to do with family, be sure to check and for tons of opportunities.