greater sports performance

Become the starter or just make the team. Our trainers will work you through specific drills that directly affect practice and game day performance.

Average improvements in 8 weeks:

  • Vertical Jump - more rebounds & more touchdowns - 1.25 in.
  • Medicine Ball Throw - push them around - 30 in.
  • Single Leg Triple Jump - explode past defenders - 30 in.
  • Broad Jump - outrun everyone - 4.5 in.

Options to benefit everyone

Whether your goal is general wellness, weight loss, muscle toning, injury prevention, post-rehabilitation, power lifting competition, bodybuilding and physique competition, or simply to learn proper technique, our knowledgeable trainers motivate and encourage your journey.

Personal training at Greater Midland is just that - personal.

What is the Wellness Advocate Program?

It is a health provider referral program offered by Greater Midland. It will allow you to meet with a wellness coordinator to develop goals and receive one-on-one coaching, social support and built-in accountability to drive more consistent success. Through this program we will help you identify the best options for physical activity that will keep you motivated. This may include working with a personal trainer, for an additional cost or your own wellness advocate who partners with you every step of the way.

How can I participate in the program?

Talk to your health care provider about incorporating more physical activity into your lifestyle. Should your provider approve, have them complete the Wellness Advocate Referral Form, submit it to us and you will be entered into the program at no charge. Our wellness coordinator will contact you to set up your initial appointment. You can also choose to pay a fee to get started rather than obtaining a referral.

Am I right for the program?

The program is for individuals who do not currently participate in at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week, who are at risk for chronic diseases, who are currently dealing with chronic conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.) or anyone who needs assistance beginning and incorporating an exercise plan into their lifestyle.

What can I expect?

The program lasts for one year. During the first 12 weeks you will receive intensive one-on-one coaching, a core membership to the Greater Midland facility of your choosing, onsite meetings and phone calls. After the first 12 weeks, you will continue to receive less intensive coaching and continued follow-up to help you learn how to be successful on your own.

What is the cost?

Participation is FREE with a signed referral form from a health provider. There are no charges for your visit with the wellness coordinator or wellness adovocate. The only costs you will incur are those options associated with a fee, such as continuing a membership, personal training or nutrition coaching.

What should I bring to my assessment?

You should come to your assessment in comfortable clothing and appropriate exercise shoes. For your initial assessment, please bring a list of your current medications and information regarding your medical history.

Lisa Daniels expresses how the Wellness Advocate Program has changed her life.

Are you interested but want to speak to someone in greater detail about the program? Fill out the form below and our team will reach out to you within 48-hours.

At Greater Midland, we love helping people reach their weight management and fitness goals. Our nutrition coaches will teach you that the battle for overall health and wellness may start at the gym but it ends in the kitchen.

DIETARY ASSESSMENT: One-on-one insight to daily eating trends, goals and needs assessment with suggestions and strategies to overcome struggles. Also, a general meal plan tailored to preferences and needs, weekly goals sheet, recipe packet and initial measurements if desired.

FOLLOW UPS: Recap of goals and evaluation of those met as well as struggles they found throughout the week, new suggestions and goals, new meal planning ideas, planner if needed and weigh in if desired.

WORKSHOPS: Part lecture, part hands on based on the topic. These can be tailored to the groups need.

  • Smoothie Workshop: Learn all about the art of making a smoothie and the health benefits of foods generally used.
  • Clean up your Diet: Hands on is food label reading and understanding ingredients list.
  • Nutrition 101: Hands on determining calories per day, generalized meal planning
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour
  • 5 Minute Fix: 5 minute meal ideas - prepping 5 quick meals for the week

$20-$35 – depends on topic and size of group

GROCERY STORE TOUR: Tours are suggested for Meijer but can be at any store of their choosing. We’ll take an educated walk throughout the store helping clients select healthy choices of their regular buys or an educated tour discussing the benefits and healthy alternatives to everyday foods. We'll stop at each food section and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If interested, just fill out the form at the top of this page.




Initial Assessment:
Member Follow-up:

what are you made of?

The InBody 570 delivers an incredibly accurate and in-depth analysis of what’s happening inside your body. A traditional scale only reveals your weight. But what is that number made of? The InBody breaks it down. More Details →

Available at:

  • Greater Midland Community Center
  • Greater Midland North-End Fitness Center
  • Dow East-End Wellness Center (Dow Employees)

Muscle fat analysis
  • Weight
  • Muscle Mass
  • Percent of Body Fat

Body Composition

  • Total Body Water
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Body Fat Mass

The calculated amount of fat surrounding internal organs in the abdomen. Maintaining too much fat may lead to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney and heart failure.

The ratio of body fat to weight. Don’t be afraid. You can change it!


Your path to fitness begins now.

Meet one-on-one with a wellness coordinator

  • Assess your fitness level
  • Learn about training programs
  • Evaluate current training regimen

Completely free!
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