Walking for Papa Joe

Bill Betts is a driven 85 year old. He became more involved in his journey with Greater Midland a few months ago when he read an article in the local newspaper about the new Physician Referral Program being offered.

The Physician Referral based wellness program seeks to improve the health of individuals by linking the medical community to the wellness and fitness community.

“I had recently lost a lot of strength,” stated Bill, when commenting on what motivated him to get connected in the program.

He found it best to commit to training with a Personal Trainer. He now regularly meets with his trainer, Steve Harrington at Greater Midland North-End Fitness Center.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with Steve and my wife sees a difference in me,” says Bill.

It didn’t take long to realize Bill would rather talk about helping others than talking about himself.  He quickly moved from the questions to what he sees to be very important.

Bill is currently heavily involved in raising money for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s that takes place in Midland on Saturday, September 24th.

Three years ago he was approached by a close friend and previous coworker; his buddy Joe, about helping support him in raising funds for his team.  Joe, most commonly known as, “Papa Joe,” has been recognized as one of the top 100 fundraisers in the nation! Papa Joe has been very passionate about raising money for this cause; this is a disease that has affected his family greatly.

He has lost several family members to Alzheimer’s and he is doing his part in helping to find a cure to stop this killer.

“Joe loves people and watching his family deal with this disease drove him to want to find a cure,” stated Bill. He went on to say, “I took this as an invitation not only to give, but to get involved.”

Over this last year Papa Joe’s health has declined and for the first time in a very long time, he isn’t able to lead forces for a team.

“I am motivated to fill the cracks,” says Bill. Bill would like the community to help him in raising funds for this great cause.

He is hoping people can back him up to continue Joe’s previous efforts.

If you would like to donate please go to www.alz.org/walk and find the team, “Walking for Papa Joe.”

Bill believes we can all make a difference working together!