Group Exercise Classes Offer More for Active Adults

Greater Midland Community Center expanded its group exercise classes this past winter to now include functional fitness, Zumba, TRX, sculpt express and so much more.    

Group exercise is among the most popular trends in workout routines.  It is a great option for people looking for socialization, a good workout, and offers exciting options. Active older adults have many low impact classes that are specifically offered for their use.  The focus of these classes is to improve balance, flexibility, strength, as well as overall functional wellness.  

Retirees’ gym is one of the longest running classes that the Community Center offers, starting in September 1976. Because this class has been around so long, it holds a special spot in the participants’ hearts.

Many of the members have been involved in this class for nearly 20 years. Roy VanAlsten, the oldest member of the class at age 90 says, “This class gets me exercising and moving.”

Barb Boyer stepped in to say, “Were all like family here.” 

Beyond the physical activity it provides, the social aspect of the class is a highlight for the members. They often have social gatherings such as Christmas parties and summer outings.  And they love “newbies.” They graciously welcome new members and embrace the thought of the class growing in size. 

Bob Gallant, 81, started attending the class just over a year ago and now attends the class three times a week and is involved in other areas of the Community Center six days a week.  He enjoys classes, weight lifting and working with his personal trainer, Julie Dunsmore.  “It’s exercise, fellowship, fun and socialization, which is what the whole Community Center is about. That’s what makes it so good.  This place has a good atmosphere,” he said.

Retirees’ gym is just one example of the greatness the Community Center has to offer,” said Amanda Ewald, 50+ program coordinator.  “It’s an example of the relationships built through the center, as well as the focus to help in making lives better.”