Greater Midland Partners with SVSU Publication Design Students

This fall, Greater Midland’s marketing department had a creative project that required an outsider perspective.  The Community Center and North-End Fitness Center was in need of motivational fitness collateral in the wellness spaces of each facility. Mariah Elliott, Graphic Designer & IT Specialist for Greater Midland, reached out to her former Saginaw Valley State University design professor for assistance. “Our intention with the project is for our members to exceed their personal wellness goals and create a partnership with talented SVSU design students,” Elliott stated.

The Art380/Publication Design class was given requirements in which their materials should be fresh, colorful, and carry a consistent design theme across all artwork.  The new pieces also needed to follow current Greater Midland branding standards. “We went through a complete rebrand that launched in December 2014, since then our team has been playing catch-up to revise collateral throughout the centers,” said Adam Salgat, Greater Midland’s Senior Marketing Manager. “The members of both facilities range anywhere from 20-90 years. This was definitely a big design undertaking.”

In addition, inspirational quotes, access to the photo gallery on Flickr, and examples of the centers current print collateral was provided to encourage creativity.  Kimberly Ferguson, Greater Midland Senior Creative Coordinator said, “We provided several tools to jump start their creative process. Ultimately, we were thrilled to observe many designs showcasing originality and it made choosing a winning student quite difficult!”

Student, Colin Mealey, was the overall winner. His posters and flyers will be displayed in the wellness areas of the Community Center and North-End Fitness Center. Mealey’s design process was heavily inspired by vintage boxing ads resulting in bold and modern visuals in his final pieces. “Colin’s campaign took a unique direction from our current branding aesthetic and we believe this will draw attention from our members,” said Elliott. 

Runners up included students Lina Davis, Emily Phillips, and Kelly Sievert. Each of the students designed exceptional pieces that can be used in various outlets at the centers. Davis produced gym guide trading cards that are hung on a key chain holder, allowing for easy placement in locker rooms, or on exercise machines. Phillips created a unique hexagonal pattern with her collateral resulting in a colorful and timeless campaign. Sievert executed perspective drawings, allowing us to view her campaign in a unique way.   

“My special thanks to the Greater Midland marketing team for setting the tone for the fall semester,” said Thomas Canale, Professor of Art, Graphic Design at SVSU. “I was delighted with the presentations, suggested modifications and attention to detail.  You’re an organization that contributes to making the university a great place to learn.” 

The Greater Midland marketing team looks forward to partnering with SVSU design students in future projects.