Greater Midland announces new brand identity; adds another fitness center

(Midland, MI) – The Greater Midland organization, and its affiliated centers announced changes to their brand identity that celebrate the connections the centers share while visually tying them together in a more cohesive manner.

“We are better, together - gaining power and momentum in our reputation and positioning region-wide with this new look,” explained Chris Tointon, CEO. “Perhaps even more importantly, it helps us visually represent the promise we’ve made to our community to build healthier lives and be accessible to everyone.”

The visual identity takes advantage of the “greater than” symbol to represent the strength in being connected, while also serving as a compelling identifier for each of the operating units, which include the Community Center, Tennis Center, North Family Center (Mills Township), Coleman Family Center, Corporate Wellness, Nonprofit Consulting and the newest addition, North-End Fitness Center.

The symbol has three main points representing the organization’s three main areas of focus: wellness, recreation and social services. “The color scheme, using a palette of blues and greens, conjures trust and vibrancy – which are at the center of our mission to build healthier lives,” Chris added.

At the same time, the organization announced plans to open a new fitness center on January 5, 2015. Through an agreement reached earlier this month, Greater Midland will take over operation of Smitty’s Ironworks and Family Fitness and will rebrand it as Greater Midland North-End Fitness Center. Matt Smith, the former owner of Smitty’s, will be joining the Greater Midland organization to lead its personal training efforts across the organization.  

“We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to build upon the excellent foundation that Matt and his wife Julie have established over more than a decade. We’ll be able to reach new members and we get to partner with one of the top leaders in personal training services in the region. Joining forces makes all of us stronger and in the end, the community benefits most,” Chris said.

With the addition of this fitness center, Greater Midland is also enhancing its membership offerings. The organization’s Premier Membership will now serve as an “all access” pass, incorporating membership to all of its operating units including the Community Center, Tennis Center, North Family Center, Coleman Family Center and North-End Fitness Center. “We know that convenience and variety are key elements in being successful with any wellness program. Our expanded Premier Membership will expose members to locations all across the County and truly offers the most comprehensive fitness options in the region,” Chris said.

North-End Fitness Center will be closed from December 20 until January 4 while the Greater Midland team conducts staff training on new systems and makes minor modifications to the facility. During the closure, Smitty’s members are invited to use the Community Center for their fitness needs. North-End will reopen at 5am on January 5.