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Our Junior Development Program is built as a foundation of progressions.  There are several levels in the program, each offering a more challenging set of skills, so as the child masters one level they progress to the next.  Our program has a complete recreational and competitive pathway, including 10 & under, middle school, high school and our Tournament Training Program. 

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A 6-week league designed specifically for our juniors!

Take your game to the next level while meeting other juniors' players! Each week, players will participate in 45 minutes of practice, followed by 45 minutes of team match play. All league participants will receive a team t-shirt, medal and racquet.

We'll cap off our 6 weeks with a team party, complete with food and fun!


REGISTER: 989.631.6151 or by stopping by the welcome desk

jULY 16 - AUGUST 20
TUESDAYS 5:30PM - 7:00PM

$75 per participant - $65 per each additional participant

Start young, play for a lifetime of fitness and health!  Tennis Whizz, our national program for preschool-aged children, will provide your child with a unique setting to learn balance, agility, control, coordination, and interaction with a coach and other children. These elements combine seamlessly to give your child not just an understanding of tennis, but a new range of athletic and social skills. 

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SUMMER 2 July 23 - Aug 28    

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Tennis classes sized just right for your child! At every level of our 10 & Under program, we have very specific goals to help your child reach their peak performance. The program is effective because we match each child with the right size court, ball, racquet and skill level for their age and development. 

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WINTER 3 Feb 4 - Mar 10    
SPRING 1 Mar 11 - Apr 21     Mar 25 - 29
SPRING 2 Apr 3 - Jun 7     May 27 & 31

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Whether your child has just discovered tennis in high school or has been playing since they were in diapers, we have the class for you! Contact us to find out which of our Green and Yellow Ball classes would be the perfect fit for your child! 

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SUMMER 1 June 18 - July 25    
SUMMER 2 Aug 1 - Aug 29    

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This training program is designed for competitive juniors ages 11-18 that aspire to play college tennis and Midwest and National USTA Tournaments. These classes are rigorous and focus on strong work ethic, discipline, tactics and being able to execute under pressure in order to take their game to the next level.  Contact us for more information or to register.


Our facility hosts over 30 tournaments a year, including Midwest and National junior tournaments, collegiate and high school contests, and annual adult tournaments like The Midland Smoker and The Pig and Pit. 


party director:
989.631.6151 x147


Ages 3 & 4

$125 for up to 8 participants
$5 per additional person
1 hour on court for games & prizes with certified tennis professionals
1 hour in party room (parents can provide food, decorations, etc.)

Ages 5+

$125 for up to 12 participants
$5 per additional person
1 hour on court for games & prizes with certified tennis professionals
1 hour in party room (parents can provide food, decorations, etc.)

*Tennis the Menace will visit your birthday party for $20