Find A Class
Drop the paper and put the group fitness schedule in your hand at all times. It's environmentally friendly!

Enter periodic challenges and win Greater Midland swag and the adoration of your friends.

Get discounts on programs, training sessions, and more!

Take a picture of a cardio machine to record your workout.

Connected Apps
Connect easily with Fit Bit, Nike, MapMyFitness, and more!

Goal Center
Keep yourself motivated by setting and achieving your workout goals!


frequently answered questions

Can only members use the app?

Anyone can use the app to help achieve their fitness goals. Prizes are eligible to members or pass holders.

How do I use a DEAL?

Show the DEAL to the staff member at the Welcome Center. After the deal has been applied and before leaving the desk please have the staff member mark the DEAL as "USED."

Can anyone use a DEAL?

Restrictions may apply and will be in the written details of each individual DEAL.

How Can I block my activities from showing in the club feed?

Under the privacy section, mark your updates as PRIVATE.

Can I connect my personal fitness device (FitBit, Nike, etc)?

Yes. The option to link your device is in the Connected Apps section. Your workouts will be shared between the two apps. Unless otherwise noted, these workouts, miles, or calories will automatically be used for challenges.