ADULTS find a healthy path at Greater Midland

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The question wasn’t if Paul Ries would have a heart attack … it was simply a matter of when.


 “My family has a history of heart disease: My dad was 50 years old and his brother was 55 when they had their fatal heart attacks. So I prepared to ensure my cardiovascular system was as strong as it could be when that day came,” said Ries, now 64.

 That day was Feb. 9, 2017.

 “When I awoke from the procedure, the cardiologist told me that I’d had a major heart attack; my artery was 100 percent blocked and they had inserted a stent,” Paul said. “But because treatment was received quickly and my heart was extremely strong, there was no long-term damage. The doctor attributed this heart attack to genetics as there were no other risk factors.”

 Paul has stayed in shape by frequenting the Corporate Wellness Centers at The Dow Chemical Company, where he worked as associate director for Ventures and Business Development before retiring in 2015. Several times each week, Paul still stops in for a spinning class, to jog or strength training.

 Greater Midland operates the wellness programs and services at Dow, helping to encourage healthy lifestyles for 2,400 employee-members and their families. Across all Greater Midland centers, our staff works each and every day helping our members -- and the entire Midland community -- improve their health and well-being.


 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should get 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each week to help reduce and prevent chronic diseases. Yet only 21% of American adults – and only 31% of Greater Midland members – get that amount of activity.

 “We are committed to meeting the men, women and children of our community where they are and helping them live heathier lifestyles,” said Greater Midland CEO Kristen McDonald.

 Greater Midland offers an array of classes, leagues, races and clinics in addition to its outstanding facilities to pique the interest of members and guests of all ages, shapes and sizes.

 Paul’s commitment to physical fitness hasn’t wavered: Within two weeks of his heart attack, he was back at the Wellness Center. Now he’s making plans to backpack portions of the Appalachian Trail with his nephew.

 “I want to keep active as long as possible. Adventure adds so much to the enjoyment of life,” Paul said.