YOUTH & TEENS feel connected at Greater Midland

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and chill with your friends. Especially if you’re a teenager.

 That’s why we created Teen Night at our Greater Midland North Family Center. Every other Friday evening throughout the school year, we open our doors, cook some dinner, and … well … just let teens do their thing.

 With just enough supervision, of course.

Jacob Laczko and Kyle Tomasi

Jacob Laczko and Kyle Tomasi

 “It’s fun to hang out, talk to other kids I might not really know too well, and play basketball,” said Jacob Laczko, 16, a Dow High School freshman. “I like having a place to go where I feel independent.”


 Sixth- through 12th-grade students like Jacob from across Midland County come over to grab dinner, play board and video games, shoot hoops and relax with their friends – all in a safe place and surrounded by positive staff role models. The program is a huge success.


 “It’s heartwarming to see the community rally together in support of Teen Night, which has really become a second home for many teens,” said Terrah Johnson, executive director at North and Coleman family centers.

 Research shows young people who find a positive place to connect with their peers are more likely to feel a sense of belonging, which can influence good choices and relationships. Along with Teen Night, Greater Midland offers a wide range of programs, camps, before- and after-school care, leagues and teams to foster that sense of belonging.

 Parents say we’re making a difference: A recent survey showed that 98% of Greater Midland members say their child’s coach/instructor cares about their success.

 Greater Midland’s Kyle Tomasi, who runs Teen Night at North Family Center, makes it a point of talking to each and every kid who walks through our doors. The kids depend on that.

 “Kyle would be a go-to person that if you didn’t feel comfortable talking to anybody else about it, you could always talk to Kyle,” Jacob said.

 And that makes our night.