Greater Midland is hosting the Infinity Wellness Program open to anyone 18 years or older no matter if you are a member or not! This eight (8) week program will provide the tools you need to improve your overall state of wellness.  Regardless of whether you are just thinking of becoming more active, have already started a wellness program or if you are an accomplished athlete, this program has opportunity for you to succeed!

Challenge Overview

We provide top notch guidance from our team of certified personal trainers and fitness class instructors, diet information direct from our Fitness Nutrition Coach, unlimited access to our wide variety of fitness classes and fitness centers across all of our locations (Dow locations limited to Dow families only) as well as plenty of encouragement along the way.

The competition begins with an orientation. InBody assessments are required at the beginning and end of the challenge in order to be eligible to win the grand prize.*

Wellness advocates (coaches) will be assigned to those just contemplating moving from in-active to active to offer support throughout the eight weeks.

Advice from Personal Trainers and nutrition information in the form of helpful weekly videos and information sharing will be available for everyone in the program.

All participants will have access to our fitness facilities and our highest level of membership for the duration of the 8 week program allowing you to take part in the many activities offered by Greater Midland.

Walk in a warm environment and use our indoor walking track. Enjoy the use of our indoor swimming pools. Feel like shooting hoops, trying racquetball, climbing an indoor climbing wall or taking advantage of our fitness centers or over 100 group fitness classes offered each week? It’s all included in the cost of entry into the Infinity Wellness Program.

When you put in the time, dedication and good old fashioned hard work, you can emerge from the program lower in weight, lower in body fat and armed with a real step change in your overall level of wellness.

Also, you can win cash and prizes along the way just for making improvements in your health related lifestyle.

We are looking for those who are willing to stand up and say “I’m ready to make a change!”

Participant categories: (based on survey data collected after registration)

Beginner – those looking to start their wellness journey going from in-active to active. Wellness advocates (coaches) will be assigned to these participants to offer support throughout the eight weeks.

Intermediate – those who have recently begun their wellness journey and looking take the next step.

Advanced – those who are well established in their wellness journey and looking to push even further.

Premier/Diamond Membership

All participants in the Infinity Welness Program will be the equivalent of our Premier/Diamond Membership for the entire eight-week period. Corporate Wellness locations are part of a Diamond Membership and are limited to Dow families only.

Important Dates

The Infinity Wellness Program begins January 29 and ends March 25. InBody assessments are required at the beginning and end of the Challenge in order to be eligible to win the grand prize*.

Important Dates to know include:

  • Initial InBody Assessments: Available during open hours beginning Thursday, January 26th
  • Kickoff Event: Sunday, January 29th at 6:00 PM in the Greater Midland Community Center
  • Optional Mid-way InBody Assessments: Week of February 26 - March 4
  • Final Body Composition: Available during open hours Wed, March 22nd through Sat, March 25th.
  • Winners will be announced Tuesday, March 28th at 6:00 PM during a special closing ceremony at the Greater Midland Community Center

If you cannot attend the kickoff please contact us at and we will strive to accommodate your schedule to get you on your way!

Nutritional Guidance

Our Fitness Nutrition Coach will be available by request. In addition, periodic nutritional tips and ideas will be made available to help guide you toward establishing and maintaining healthy dietary considerations.

Access to group fitness classes

All participants can take advantage of our full range of Group Fitness classes offered at our various locations. Use the Greater Midland Fitness App to access the calendar of offerings. This is a wonderful opportunity to try something new and discover your next passion. Zumba, TRX, Cardio Kick, Cycling, Aquatics, Barre, Bootcamp etc., are all available to you!

Ask the trainer sessions

Greater Midland Personal Training staff will be available via social media. Our staff of personal trainers are knowledgeable and prepared to ensure that you get the most out of your efforts. Go ahead, ask them for advice!

InBody 570 Body Composition Assessment

All assessments will be completed using our INBODY 570 BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS MACHINE. The InBody 570 is an instrument that provides exact measurements and data analysis of an individual’s body composition including muscle mass, water, fat, bone mineral and much, much more. Winners of the Infinity Fitness Challenge will be determined by the greatest increase in the “InBody Score” over the duration of the competition, not weight loss. The InBody Score takes into consideration the changes made to your “Muscle Mass” as well as “Body Fat” resulting in what we believe to be a fair measurement accommodating all shapes and sizes and keeps the chances of winning equal for all individuals.

Win cash and other prizes

This friendly and healthy competition will be awarding prizes to the top three males and females overall and the top finisher in each participant category based on the greatest increase in the “InBody Score” which considers both Muscle Mass and Body Fat during the competition as measured on our InBody 570 assessment tool.


1st Place – $300 – 3 months individual premier/diamond membership!
2nd Place – $200 – 2 months premier membership!
3rd Place – $125 – 1 month premier membership!


Greater Midland Dollars - $125


Any participant recording an average of 2 or more visits to our facilities per week will automatically be included in drawings at the half-way point and at the end of the program.

Beginner division participants will be given credit for activities outside of Greater Midland facilities if recorded through their Wellness Advocate.


Any participant who achieves a positive InBody Score will receive a prize. Note, you must complete the initial and final InBody assessment to receive your InBody Score.

Greater Midland Fitness App

Download our FITNESS APP to take part in two-week mini-challenges. It will link you to valuable information about group fitness schedules and more.



  • In the event of a tie, tie breakers of Visceral Fat Points lost and Overall Weight lost will be used in order to determine the winners.
  • Email and Facebook will be the primary mechanism for communications. If this is a problem for you please let us know so we can make other arrangements.

  • Weekly emails will be sent providing updates, opportunities and good old-fashioned encouragement. 

  • If you are already a member at one of our Greater Midland locations and you win a membership prize in the contest you will be credited the amount of the membership prize.

Any questions or concerns in regards to the challenge should be brought to our attention by emailing:

*We welcome everyone 18 years and older to take part in our challenge however InBody assessments are required at the beginning and end of the Challenge in order to be eligible to win the grand prize for individuals and groups.