Dr. Stacy Daniels

The recent story by Kristina Slottke allowed me to reflect on my own first experience at Camp Neyati.  During the summer of 1953 I was a counselor for the Boy Scouts of America working for room & board and the majestic salary of about $5 per day (or maybe less).  Since I was only about 16 at the time I had to apply using a special application (which required approval of parents and of the Midland Schools) to prove I was a good boy.  I also had to obtain a SSA number and dutifully have $ 0.50 per week deducted.

My family already had a cottage on Crystal Lake (Benzie Co.) so I was familiar with lakes.  Curiously although I lived on a lake I didn't learn to swim until we moved to Midland in 1944 where I took lessons in the Saginaw High School pool since there were none in Midland!  My father had a long involvement with the BSA as a Scoutmaster.